Office Partitions

Office Partitions

Office partitions, also known as room dividers or modular walls, are used to divide a large open office space into smaller, more private areas. Synergy Thrislington office partitions draw strength from over six decades of knowledge of Thrislington UK in this product line. Products available for this application are:

Solid Partitions
Semi Glazed Partitions
Fully Glazed Partitions
Double Glazed Partitions with Venetians Blinds

Contemporary finish, modular design, ease of installation, and demonstrability are some of the features of Synergy Thrislington office partition offerings.

Some potential benefits of using office partitions include:

Improved privacy: Office partitions can provide a sense of privacy and quiet for individual employees or small groups, which can help to improve concentration and productivity.

  • Increased collaboration: By creating smaller, more private areas within an open office, partitions can also encourage collaboration and teamwork.
  • Enhanced acoustics: Office partitions can help to reduce noise levels and improve the acoustic environment within an open office.
  • Increased flexibility: Office partitions can be easily reconfigured or relocated as the needs of the office change, allowing for greater flexibility in the layout of the space.
  • Cost-effective: Office partitions can be a cost-effective way to divide a large open office space, particularly compared to traditional construction methods.
  • Customization: Office partitions can be customized to meet specific size, layout, and performance requirements.


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