Synergy Thrislington has provided efficient service by its quality delivery process in order to produce more products in less time with qaulity products at a best price. It has ensured that its products meet or exceed customer expectatios in terms of perfomance, durability, and other key characteristics. Synergy Thrislington has been established as a trusted and respected brand in its industry, in order to differentiate itself its competitors and builded customer loyalty. With its best qaulity service, Syngery Thrislington has made many acheivements in previous years.

some of them are as follow: -

  • Outstanding Achievement Award presented at Indus Partners Meet, 2011
  • Lima Book of Records for construction of a fastest 10-storey 2,553.60 sq m building in 48 hrs. at Mohali in 2012.
  • Runner Up position for "Trunkey Rollout of Telecom Cell Sites Project" in Best Project of the Year Award 2010 category.

and many more.....