Core Management

Mr. Harpal Singh

The first-generation entrepreneur and self-made man with an eye for a  market and innate business sense, Mr. Harpal Singh has created one of North India’s most successful companies from scratch. Having an exceptional academic record, He began his career at the very early age of 21 and started his first company in 1987 as a small-scale unit. Over the years through his sharp business acumen; he diversified his business into a core specialization in telecom infrastructure, and support services in 2005 and then into Prefab structures, Factory fabricated buildings, civil constructions, modular cleanrooms/office partitions, and the hospitality sector in 2009. 

Mr. Harpal Singh

Mrs. Rachana Singh

Mrs. Rachana Singh entered into her family business from 2005 onwards. She has been at the forefront of managing the overall operations of the entire Synergy group. In her leadership Synergy has reached a different platform of success. Her presence on management teams has a positive influence on social motivations and achievements. As a business woman, she has created a culture in the organization where team members are motivated to perform, contribute and stay. She manages the overall business of Civil and Prefab constructions, and telecom sectors including Synergy Thrislington operations.

Ms. Rachana Singh


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