Civil Construction

Civil Construction

Synergy Thrislington, a 1000 crore well-heeled Infrastructure Company laid its footing in 1987 in Mohali (India). SYNERGY GROUP acquired UK-based THRISLINGTON PRODUCTS LIMITED, one of the UK's oldest manufacturers of relocatable steel partitions that was established in 1961, with its exceptional work environment and unique perspective. The entity SYNERGY THRISLINGTON has vast experience in turnkey Civil Construction projects in addition to the manufacturing of Prefabricated buildings, PUF Panels, demountable office partitions, fire rated / non-fire-rated doors, clean rooms, ceiling panels, etc. The company has successfully executed various large-scale civil projects with Govt & Non-Government Organizations. Our expertise includes group housing, educational complexes, commercial towers, residential buildings, etc. Toh — a five-star luxury hotel successfully providing upper crest hospitality in the region. The ability of Synergy to respond quickly, effectively, and in accordance with the client's specifications regarding quality, timeframe, and budget is at the heart of both our success and our reputation. We pride ourselves on our panache to realize clients’ requirements and connect with them through each and every step of our process.

In this fast-rising world, every frame of time counts, so why slaughter months of such precious time in construction? For the first time in India's history, embrace the revolutionary smart building concept known as Instacon.

Instacon construction is an alternate yet fast & reliable method of building in various applications such as Houses, Hotels, Hospitals, Multi-storey Towers, commercial complexes, etc.

This building construction technology, the first of its kind in India, is unique in many ways.

  • These are Factory-Made buildings. More than 70% percent of the work is done in the factory.
  • The steel modules pre-fitted with flooring, ceiling, tiles, water supply, electrical & plumbing are transported to the site for installation.
  • Once all the components are assembled and erected at the site, Concreting is done on the factory-made insulated 3-D EPS[Expanded Polystyrene) panel walls In-Situ making it a monolithic structure.
  • The process continues round the clock to construct the buildings in a very short time span.
  • Afterward, any type of finishing and painting can be done on these concrete walls just like the conventional buildings.


Steel Structure consisting of Modules & Pillars.

EPS Panels composed of two electro-welded galvanized 3D Steel meshes, reciprocally joined bg connectors, in the middle of which is a suitably shaped Expandable Polgstrene.


Overall Quality The fact that steel is produced to consistent national standards, without regional variations in quality.

Strength: The inherent strength of steel creates buildings that are exceptionally strong, stable, and durable.

Noncombustible: Steel does not burn or add fuel to a fire & though meets the stringent requirements of building codes nationwide.

Stability Outstanding shape & structural integrity of the building.

Air Quality Steel is non-toxic because it doesn’t off-gas or contaminate & contaminate the indoor air quality.

Recyclable Steel contains a large recycled component, and it can be fully recycled/sold at the end of its useful life.

“EPS – A Green Leader”


It does not release toxic or harmful substances and is completely inert It contains no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). Besides, being free of organic material inhibits the growth of microorganisms and mold. Throughout the building's lifetime, the mechanical and thermal properties will remain unchanged. It doesn't get damaged if it gets wet or humid.


Panel production aims to maximize cuts while minimizing waste, and no waste materials are produced during production. During production, any EPS scrap is recycled directly in the plant.


It is not harmful to the health of those who produce or install it, and it does not cause allergies.


EPS used for INSTAHOME panels is self-extinguishing, i.e.It will cease to burn or produce a flame once the ignition source (the flame) has been removed.


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