Demountable Office Partitions

Demountable Office Partitions


Panels are connected to adjacent units by means of a friction clip system. This allows the intermediate removal of panels and insertion of replacement panels or door units as and when required. All panels are epoxy-polyester powder coated to RAL colours.  
Various solid panel options are available, including single-line joint and furniture joint. Pilasters can be fitted with special security clips to prevent entry from the outside.

Constructed to form solid mono block units, based on standard 1167mm solid and 1120mm glazed modules (centre lines of pilasters) to suit floor to ceiling height up to 4000mm in a single lift.
The panels consist of two skins of 1.0mm OR 0.8mm high-quality GPSP, galvanised plain skin pass, zero spangle steel sheets, folded and pressed by computerised machinery to form an 80mm thick monoblock unit. Fitted integrally to the base of each panel is a pair of levelling jacks with PVC feet to maintain height dimensions and a close fit to the floor and ceiling in the floor to underside of soffit locations or in free-standing situations, directly into the floor channel.


Double glazed panels are available to suit specification, and are generally selected to be similar to the desired solid module dimension, to give maximum interchange ability, and can be produced up to a maximum width of 1200 mm without special design input. 1500 mm modules are also available and such special size can be produced to order. The glass is held within a preformed steel glazing section with a specially extruded PVC section to maintain stability and acoustic properties and flush line with the frame. Glazing can be at any level throughout the vertical height of each panel, but the following are standard configurations.


Head channels are manufactured to provide a flush effect to the panels when installed and are 83 mm x 50 mm x 3000 mm in length. The flush detail is repeated accordingly at the wall, columns.   Connection of the head and wall channels is factory cut butt joint (on full-lengths) with the head channel running from wall face to wall face.  
Channels to be fixed at an average of 600 mm centers to ceiling grid and wall faces. Slimline floor track is fixed to the floor at nominal 600 mm centers to receive the adjustable panel jacks.   Standard skirting is formed as a folded steel section, 120mm high, installed to the recess or flushed at the base of the panels with hidden fixings and end detail concealed by the door frame.  



  • Tested in accordance with BS 2750 All panels tested over a range of frequencies from 100 to 3150 Hz
  • Rw factor for solid panels = 46dB
  • Rw factor for double glazed panels (6.4mm + 8.8mm glass) = 41dB
  • All Junctions are packed with Rockwool to have better acoustic performance while installation


  • Tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 22, 1987
  • Solid panels have a Class 0 surface.
  • Status 8 solid panels have been tested under the new British Standard for Insulation and Integrity.
  • Standard panels are made to meet 30-minute integrity only.


  • Solid panels give a Thermal Transmittance/U value of 0.463w/ sq. m/ deg. C.


  • Solid panels have an average weight of 27/30 kg/m2


  • Solid panels, glazed sections, steel skirting’s, etc.
  • Are pure polyester powder coated, Baked at 200 deg.C for a 9-minute cycle.
  • Application is by automatic electrostatic process giving a minimum coat thickness of 60 microns.
  • The panels are finished to 20% to 30% gloss level, thus giving an attractive matt finish, together with exceptional resistance to surface damage.


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