Clean Room Partitions

Clean Room Partitions

Return Air Riser Panel

Return Air Riser’s removable grills are Fabricated by way of a capsule perforated area of 900X300mm (WXH) to allow 0.8mm or 1mm hot-dipped galvanized steel skin maximum return airflow riser duct will be 150mm projected towards height suitable for fixing with connections to return M/E Works.
The built-in panel returns air riser, return air duct concealed in a panel in order to The unique design of the riser allows the capsule perforated i.e. riser cover to be removable for maintenance and cleaning purpose.
Panels are constructed to standard width of 1000/1167mm with a thickness of 80mm/100mm thickness with max duct size of 900mm width, we have a system of measuring a standard riser panel, duct area will be deducted from the module.
Finished pure Polyester powder coating of 60/80 microns forming a smooth surface finish.
Panel Height can vary up to 4200mm in a single lift.
These panels have provision for installing of VCD for flow control after installation of the panel, upper flange for connection in ducts, calculated cutouts for the suction area. Available with SS grill, VCD, Filter.

Non-Progressive Partitions

Advantages of Pilaster Joints in the Partitions:

  • Easy Removal of the partitions is possible by removing both sides Pilaster. This is extremely useful in case any big machine/item needs to be transferred to/from the room. After removing the partition the height and width of the open space are increased.
  • Conduits for Door-interlocking/ Access control etc. can easily be accommodated inside the pilaster joints on both sides of the partitions.

Block-Work Flush Window

  • Designed specifically for clean room applications, the flush glass window makes it easier to clean Since there are no corners to collect dust particles and other microorganisms. Windows are mounted into the wall system to provide a completely flush surface, to minimize any airflow disruption, the double flush window system provides and attractive and two completely flush surfaces.

  • The Flush clean room window can be integrated into all 3 clean room wall systems (Clean line, Fabline and Pharma system)
    Sizes & Jamb: Available window sizes will depend on wall system being utilized, but various sizes are available and easy to integrate into most applications.

  • Sheet thickness.: 1.2mm GPSP/SS304 material

Clean Room Wall Cladding

2D and 3D Corners

Material Details

Steel (Raw Material)
Powder (Consumable)
Rockwool (Infill)
Puf (Infill)
Honeycomb (Infill)

Clean Room Door Knock Down Arrangement

Synergy Thrislington Clean Room Door sets in single or Double leaves are made from Galvanized/Stainless steel in different sheet thicknesses to meet client specifications/requirements.
Our standard clean room door leaf is made of 0.8mm sheet in lock formed profile with honeycomb/puf/rockwool infill, which is bonded with a special adhesive.
Door frame is made of 1.2mm sheet thickness with different jamb width according to the panel thickness in welded or knockdown arrangement.
View panel in the door leaf is 400X600X6mm thick toughened glass.
Finish: Pure polyester powder coated to standard RAL 60-80 microns of paint thickness. Ironmongery will be our standard or as per specification from clients.
* Designed to meet hygienic and stringent requirement of clean rooms
* Prevents bacteria growth
* A kick plate can be fastened at the bottom of the door for protection
* Flush surface, easy to clean & no pressure leakage
* 44mm door leaf thickness
* Door Handing as per British Standard


Available Finish


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