Turnkey Projects

A turnkey project is a type of project in which a company or contractor agrees to design, build, and commission a facility or structure to a specific set of specifications and requirements, and then turn it over to the client for use. The client does not need to manage or oversee the construction process, and the project is considered complete and ready to use once it has been "turned over" or handed over to the client. This type of project is often used for large-scale construction projects such as factories, power plants, and other industrial facilities.

Services Under Synergy Thrislington's Turnkey Projects:

HVAC / BMS / HVAC Electrical
Modular Clean Room Doors
Flush Clean Room Doors
Steel Fire-Rated / Non-Fire-Rated Doors
Flush Brick Wall Windows
Walkable / Non Walkable Ceiling
Labe Furniture / Lab Partitions
Anti-Vibration Table

There are several potential benefits to using a turnkey project approach:

  • Reduced risk: Because the contractor or vendor is responsible for the design, construction, and commissioning of the project, the client can potentially reduce their risk of cost overruns or delay.
  • Simplicity: Turnkey projects can be a simple and convenient option for clients who lack the in-house resources or expertise to manage a complex project.
  • Faster delivery: Turnkey projects can be completed more quickly because the contractor or vendor is responsible for all aspects of the project, from design to implementation.
  • Improved quality: Turnkey projects can potentially result in a higher quality end product because the contractor or vendor has a vested interest in delivering a successful project.
  • Cost predictability: Turnkey projects can offer more predictable costs because the client pays a fixed price for the entire project, rather than paying for each stage of the project separately.
  • Single point of contact: With a turnkey project, the client only needs to deal with a single contractor or vendor, which can simplify the communication and decision-making process.


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